Thank you for your interest in animal communication and energy healing. I have always had a deep love for animals and it is giving me great joy to be able to convey their thoughts and feelings to you, their human companions. At present, my strengths are in helping to resolve any emotional imbalances that your animal companion may be experiencing. Emotional imbalances are often referred to as behavioral problems, but animals have feelings just like you and I, and often a particular behavior is a result of an animal’s emotion. If your animal has a physical ailment, I will attempt to give you more information from the animal’s perspective. Please note that some physical problems have an underlying emotional source. It is important that your companion receive veterinarian attention in any situation regarding the animal’s health.

Requirements for the Communication

Please provide your animal’s name and city that he/she resides in.

It is most helpful to receive at least one picture of the animal. Ideally only the animal that you wish me to contact should be in the photo. And, no humans please. Try and have the animal looking directly into the camera.

Please include a list of questions for the animal. Try and be specific with your questions.

If you are sending your request by e-mail, please type Animal Communication under subject heading.

I will answer your e-mail promptly and give you an indication of when I will attempt to tune into your animal. Some animals do not wish to talk about things and we must respect that wish. However, most animals look forward to sharing their thoughts and feelings with an interested listener. I write down everything in the communication and pass this information on to you. Sometimes things do not make sense to me, but have significant meaning to you, their guardian. If I feel that flower or gem essences will assist your animal in resolving emotional issues, I will prepare a remedy uniquely suited to your companion's needs. If your animal companion might benefit from Reiki or EFT, I will include that in his/her session.  Once you have reviewed the information, it may be helpful that I follow-up with the animal to put to rest some of the concerns that they have shared with me.

Thank you again for inviting me to speak with your cherished two and four-legged animals! ~ Sue