Flower, Sea and Gem Essences

In my practice, I work with Pacific Essences and Bach Flower Remedies®. Flowers and plants have been utilized for healing in every culture for thousands of years. Flower essences are in a highly diluted form, so much so that the memory or essence of the flower is all that remains. Dr. Edward Bach, a British Physician and Homeopath, is credited for bringing this gentle yet powerful form of vibrational healing to our western culture. The Bach Flower Remedies® are the end result of extensive studies carried out in the 1930's. He concluded that negative emotions can lead to physical disease, and went on to discover a total of 38 remedies to balance these negative emotions. These liquid remedies are tasteless and can be given orally in food or in water, applied topically to the skin, or misted in the air in the vicinty of the animal. They are non-toxic with no known side effects, and are completely safe for animals. I have been personally benefiting from and recommending Bach Flowers for over 10 years. I have recently expanded my flower and gem essence remedies to include the locally made Pacific Essences. Sabina Pettitt has been making essences in Sooke, British Columbia since 1983. She has a complete line of flower and plant essences all indigenous to our region, and she is credited with making the first sea essences on the planet and has 24 sea essences in her repertory. In addition, she has several gem essences, of which I carry a limited selection. Flower and gem essences help to gently shift an animal’s negative emotion to a more balanced and harmonious state. Selection of the essences are determined by the emotional feelings of your animal friend. Flower essences can be extremely helpful during stressful situations such as moving, traveling, additions to the family, going to the vet, surgery, loss of a loved one, etc. They are also well suited for animals displaying exagerated personality traits. For example, enthusiasm is generally a welcomed personality trait. However, if your animal friend exhibits over-enthusiasm to the extent that he/she is difficult to manage while out on a walk; then the flower essences can gently help to bring he/she back into harmony and balance. With a total of over one hundred essences in stock, I can create a custom remedy uniquely suited to your animal friend's requirements.