About Me

I have loved animals all my life and feel blessed to be able to help animals be heard and to assist them in achieving emotional happiness. Through animal communication and energy healing I help animals overcome fears, grief, apathy, anger, worry, separation anxiety, and over-enthusiasm. Animals really do have feelings too!

At present I work with three different energy healing modalities. I also put great emphasis on the healing benefit of the animal communication itself. A lot of animals feel so much better just knowing that we care and want to understand their point of view. Sometimes I will choose a single modality such as a flower essence. At other times I may be guided to choose two or three modalities. I find the animals themselves to be my greatest teachers, and also have great respect and gratitude to the many human teachers that have helped me along the way.

Basic Animal Communication Correspondence Course Completion Spirits of Heart Center- October 2007
Bach Foundation Practitioner Certification - June 2005
Reiki Level II Practitioner- February 2008
Advanced Professional Training in Animal Reiki - May 2008
Emotional Freedom Technique Advanced EFT Certificate of Completion - October 2008
Introductory Herbology Certificate of Completion
Douglas College June 1999

I continue to participate in workshops and correspondence courses, all with the common goal of enhancing energy healing for animals.

I share my love and my life with my husband and two cats in Vancouver, Canada.  They nurture me and support me as I travel on this wonderful journey of connecting with the animals.  When I'm not demanding their attention, you will likely find me gardening or painting or at least thinking about it. 

Brightest blessings, Sue