Where do I bring my animal for his/her consultation? Up to TOP of Page

Your animal companion remains in the comfort of his or her home. The animal communication is done via distance.  A photograph is not absolutely required, but I do work best when able to quietly tune into a photograph that clearly shows the animal's eyes looking into the camera.  Energy healing with EFT and Reiki is also successfully done by distance.  Some clients prefer that Reiki treatments for their animals are done directly on or in the vicinty of their companion, and in these cases I am happy to make house calls to clients in the White Rock/South Surrey area.

What kinds of of animals do you communicate with? Up to TOP of Page

It is possible to communicate with all species of animals, both domestic and wild.  In my practice, I work with companion animals such as dogs, cats, horses, llamas, rabbits, rodents, and birds.

Why would I request an animal communication or essence consultation for my animal friend? Up to TOP of Page

There are many circumstances in which animals and their humans see positive benefits resulting from an animal communication and/or essence consultation.  If your animal is exhibiting a behavior pattern that is troubling to him/her or yourself, a communication can illuminate the root cause that is underlying the problem.  Do you have a 'fraidy cat or a dog easily spooked by thunder?  Litter box problems or inappropriate elimination?  Are you planning on introducing a new family member?  Are the animals in your multi-pet household getting along?  Is your beloved pet grieving the loss of a human or animal companion?  Worried how the kids will get along without you while on holiday?  If your animal is ill, is there something you can do to help them to feel more at ease?  Animals do get stressed, and they do get emotionally troubled.  And...they can certainly pick up on our emotional distress.  If you're worried or stressed out, or sad, your companion can easily show signs of stress themselves.

How long before I will see positive results? Up to TOP of Page

It depends very much on the animal, the problem, the environment surrounding the animal, and you.  I try very hard to get answers to your questions and concerns, and I try equally hard to understand the animal's perspective of the perceived problem.  During the animal communication I work on clearing the energy block or blocks relating to the issue.  Applying surrogate EFT during the animal communication can give immediate and long lasting results.  There are also situations when a flower or gem essence is indicated.  Flower and gem essences work on a more subtle basis by gently raising the animal's vibration to a more positive state over a 2 - 3 week period.  Some long standing issues can take longer to remedy.  This is because there may be a number of different aspects affecting the animal.  The universal healing energy of Reiki gives immediate comfort and relaxation.  It does not necessarily cure an illness, but can lesson pain and discomfort.  Sick or injured animals will likely benefit from several Reiki treatments.

Are these treatments and products only for animals? Up to TOP of Page

Emotional Freedom Technique, Bach Flower Remedies, Pacific Essences, and Reiki are all safe and recommended for humans.  My education, qualifications, and products are applicable for both humans and other animals.