Animal Communication

Have you ever wondered what your animal friend was thinking? I often did, and then I learned that we can communicate telepathically with our two legged, four legged, finned and feathered friends. It can take a little practice but we all have the inherent ability to tune in and listen to what the animals have to tell us. And they have a lot to share. What many of us consider an animal behavior problem is often an animal's only way of trying to get our attention when something is emotionally very troubling for him or her. In learning animal communication, I discovered a way to reach out and help animals with the energy healing that I am so passionate about. Prior to learning to listen to animals, I would rely on their human guardians to guide me with their energy healing. As well intentioned as we were, sometimes we would not see the results hoped for. When I learned to tune in to the animal, I would hear their perspective of the situation. I could then tailor the healing modality and/or essence to their unique needs at the time.

The animal communication is done telepathically.  Thoughts are sent and received through an energetic connection with your animal.  In order to clearly send and receive messages and maintain a strong connection with your animal companion, I need to ensure a quiet space free of distraction or energetic interference.  Therefore, he/she remains in the comfort of his/her home and I send and receive messages by distance communication.  In addition, before beginning the communication it is important that I obtain your animal's permission to tune into their thoughts and feelings. 

*Please remember that animal communication is not a substitute for veterinarian care. It is imperative that your companion animal be seen by a qualified veterinarian to either rule out or address and treat any physical disharmony.