" I am writing to thank you for all your help with Maggie and her "leaking problem". Our vet could only prescribe Stilboestrol (a very strong prescription with serious side effects). I have worked in vet clinics for several years and knew she did not fit the profile of a dog with incontinence problems. I chose not to give her the prescription but for several years she had to wear a doggy diaper all the time (talk about embarrassing for her). The flower essence blend you made for her was so easy to give, she didn't even mind taking the drops. I can now say that was 2 1/2 years ago with only 1 accident which was her human's fault. Not only did you help her with that but I was shocked when you told me Maggie wondered why I always smelled like other animals. She came to work with me daily and I just assumed she knew, but it took you explaining to her that I was just helping them so thank you for that too! I have no doubt about your services and wish for all pets with emotional problems that their humans seek your help!"

Sincerely, Judy Brunet
Lots of Hugs, Maggie May

Judy Brunet