" Our dog, Jackson was attacked by an American Bulldog in our local park. Jack was on leash and the other dog was not. Injured and severely traumatized, Jack needed medication from the vet to calm him before they could attend to his injuries. Jack would not come out of his kennel for several days. We had to coax him out using his leash to get him to eat and go to the bathroom. I was referred to Sue by a colleague who had a very successful experience with her cat. Somewhat skeptical, I contacted Sue. I can truly attest to Sue's gift working with Jack. Jack came bouncing out of his kennel into the back yard one evening 3 days after the incident and did his "happy to see you" dance. The next morning as I checked my email, I discovered that Sue had contacted Jack and worked with him the 1/2 hour prior to him coming outside.
Sue continued to work with Jack and he is now himself again. I truly believe that we have Sue to thank for this remarkable recovery.
Sue also taught me some lessons, through her thoughtful emails and phone conversations. I have learned the power and importance of talking explicitly with my dog and not to underestimate his ability to communicate to me.
Thank you Sue!" 

Nanci Farrell
Vancouver School Board